Wo three thousand Foshan City Metal Products Co., Ltd., the main production and sales of heavy, medium, light, through, cantilevered, loft-style, Variety type and other types of steel shelving and various models of the supermarket shelves, and a variety of storage station equipment and non-standard products and painting equipment was planning, design, manufacture. Since its inception, with excellent quality, satisfactory service and good reputation, has won the trust of old and new customers ... More >>

Products have ISO certification, with technology patents, in strict accordance with the national industry standard design and production, production engineering controls strictly enforce the operation of the quality management system, our engineers will focus on technological innovation to meet the different requirements of customers, the new design of the shelves to meet user need. ... More >>

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Welcome to Foshan Wo three thousand Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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Crate. Crates Bo group specializing in the production of crates to meet customer demand for high quality low price. Patent No. IBC, IBC No. 1, No. 2 IBC. Crates, also known as logistics me, is widely used in machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electronics and other industries, to acid and alkali resistance, oil, non-toxic, odorless, can be used in full bloom food, easy to clean, convenient Zhou Zhuan parts, neatly stacked, easy to manage.



Tables, work tables, storage and auxiliary equipment.


Take a car

Take a car, a transfer type, two casters, two directional take a car, take a car interior storage, tread plate stepping up vehicle.



Trolleys, casters, fixed caster, single, double trolleys, stainless steel trolley.


Hanging pallet

Hanging plate rack, plus various siding, spraying, mobile, assembling, and fixed.