1. Features:
A. Access to standard pallets
B. Storing large quantity of similar pallets
C. Increasing the storage density per cubic meter
D. Forklifts drives into the racking to load and retrieve pallets

2. Loading capacity & Specification:
A. Loading capacity: 500-1800 kgs/pallet.
B. Height: 1000-9000mm
C. Depth: up to 14 pallets depth
D. Length: customized
E. Special sizes also available to specific storage needs.

3. Material: High-quality steel from BAO Steel Co. Ltd., the largest steel manufacturer in China.

4. Finish: High-quality Powder Coating.

5. Applications:
1) Heavy load
2) Pallets
3) large quantity similar goods
4) Bulk products

Products through the: ISO, SGS, TUV certificates

We can offer CAD design service for customer for free charge and give customer technical support.

Detailed information below for design & quotation,
– Warehouse Dimension(Length x Width x Clear height)
– Pallet loading Size (W*D*H) & Loading Weight(kg)
– How many pallets you want to store?
– The color you want

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