Wo-three-thousand’s gravity racking is ’ first-in, first-out’ under the influence of gravity, pallet move at a controlled speed through roller lines due to a light gradient which enhances sliding.
Gravity racking is a intensive storage system, with highly space-efficient. It can be used for the frozen warehouse, Low temperature can be allowed.

1) Using aluminum or steel roller rail system, and the influence of gravity,
first in and first out principle for the goods is implemented
2) Convenient to access and suitable for such places as the two sides of
the assembly line and distribution center
3) Flexible racking
4) Our FIFO roller racking is customized according to your requirements

Material: Carbon Steel Q235/SS40
Surface Finish: Epoxy power coated / Galvanized


1. Heavy load
2. Order picking
3. Bulk products with pallet

Products through the: ISO, TUV certificates

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